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MOMS the Frontliners of our Homes

Mothers are the toughest frontliners and no doubt MOMS are with The Modern Heroes, our family’s first line of defense during this pandemic. 

As homemakers, they make sure there’s food on the table and the home is clean and germ-free. Some moms are also on the frontlines, as doctors, nurses, police, bankers, and government workers. 

Mom'S a Frontliner

This Mother’s Day, we join you in thanking them for the physical, emotional, and spiritual support they provide every day. They are the frontliners in everyone’s lives. 

Let’s set aside time to give back to our moms in small but meaningful ways:

Ease her workload
Mom multi-tasks nearly every hour, managing the safety of the home and the security of the household. Take on the more difficult or tedious of her chores, like lining up at the grocery and sanitizing the house. A day with less, if not zero, stress is a gift your mom will remember for years to come.
Always be by her side
Now that you’ve taken a load off her shoulders, have a meaningful conversation with her. Talk about the things you can do together when the situation improves. Plan for holidays, and make sure you do as many activities together. Seeing you pencil in dates will make Mom feel cherished.

Gift for mom

Remind her how much you appreciate her 
“Thank you, Mom” is the sweetest sound to our Mother’s ears. But as always people say, actions speak louder than words. Express your appreciation for your family’s very own frontliner in these ways and more. We wish you and your family a meaningful Mother’s Day celebration.